The Cost to Replace a Roof

New Roof Costs:

First, you need to know the size of your roof. Here’s how to roughly determine the square feet or square metres of your roof:

To properly determine the size of your roof, you need to know the pitch of your roof. We know you are simply looking for a rough idea of cost so, here is a don’t hold us to it way to come up with a sort of roof size. Multiply the footprint or sq ft of your house (main level only) by 1.2. As an example, a 2,000 sq ft house X 1.2 = approx. 2,400 sq ft or 224 sq m.


Here is the average price to re-shingle a roof, based on ideal project conditions:

Your Roof Size: sq ft / sq metresAverage Roof Cost: average shingle quality / perfect project conditions / sq ft / sq m average
1,000 – 2,500 sq ft / 95 – 250 sq m$2,550 – $6,350
3,000 – 4,000 sq ft / 275 – 375 sq m$7,750 – $10,000
4,500 + sq ft / 400 + sq m$11,850 +


6 Conditions That add Expense to your Roofing Project:

1) The COVID Effect on product access and product costs:

COVID has shaken up the roofing industry supply chain of aluminum: roofing nails and aluminum sheets used for flashing. These materials are manufactured in China and come to North America in containers. Plywood, so important to the roofing industry, also arrives in Canada via container ships. The high demand for those steel containers affects the price of everything shipped across the ocean.


2) The quality of the shingle and shingle types alter your roofing costs:

Asphalt shingles win all around. Our Canadian winters require resilient shingles to withstand the freeze and thaw of our Canadian winters. It is important to invest in the very best shingle you can afford.

It is becoming harder to tell a real product from a ‘knock-off’ product. Designer handbags, clothing, and furniture all have look-alikes offered for sale. Researching the product presented to you is essential if you feel uncomfortable. Cheaply made imitations do not stand up to thickly manufactured shingles designed for our climate.


3) The current condition of your roof may add extra work:

Remember the limited supply of sheets of plywood mentioned earlier? A sheet of plywood that cost $20 before now costs over $60. If the original roof needs structural repair; or new flashings must be manufactured, your roofing project’s cost will be increased.


4) A steep roof pitch makes any repairs more difficult:

Contending with difficulties associated with a steeply pitched roof means more time and more safety measures required. Safety regulations regarding sloped roofs insist on harnesses and extra men when working with sloped roofs. ‘Construction Safety’ is of the highest importance. Shingles must be stored on the ground adding more time to the job.


5) Site accessibility issues add time to your project:

If tight access between houses adds work time, this will be reflected in the roofing quote. Removal, product movement, and clean-up are affected by restricted accessibility.


6) Your intention for the project can add or reduce costs:

Generally, a mid-quality shingle works if, financially, you haven’t quite prepared for a large cash outlay for an equally large project. If you’re ‘flipping’ the house, you may decide to save some money by choosing a lesser quality shingle.


The quiet giant of the roofing world, the ‘shingled roof’ has proven its 5-star ratings through decades of successful installations.

There are so many reasons to choose asphalt shingles:

It costs more right now due to COVID issues to replace an average roof than what it cost 2 years ago. Forest City Roofing is working hard to manage your expectations within these new realities.


You will not go wrong with an installation of asphalt shingles. Forest City Roofing offers competitively priced financing in case you need it. 

To experience what it is like to work with an established company that takes customer service to heart call us at (519) 659 6937,  or visit our website, We provide realistic and fair, complimentary quotes for your roofing project.

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