When is a More Expensive Shingle Worth it: Lessons from Moneyball.

imenMost people choose a shingle that will underperform. The cost of your roof shingles should be compared to what you want the shingle to be. If you wonder if a more expensive shingle worth it, look at the long-lasting architectural or laminated shingle.

Remember the movie Moneyball? The movie with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill shows the two distilling their method of examining variables that influence the desired result most.

They had a great whiteboard which I wondered if Brad Pitt himself wrote on and whether someone took his scribbles home.


Pick the shingle for the desired result, and always choose the highest quality.

A few styles of shingles better withstand the freeze and thaw cycles of Canada’s sometimes harsh winters:

GAF, who has been around for over 100 years, created the ‘thicker matte’ required for a durable shingle. It was adopted by other manufacturers also to offer a longer-life shingle.

The Certainteed Presidential shingle is often used to withstand harsh climates.

Owens Corning has a patented nailing strip which means it is less likely to blow off.



Always use a certified team of installers to increase your odds of winning at the roofing game.

(Yes, the baseball analogy is still in full swing.)

A certified roofing company understands the nuances of a highperformance shingle during installation. Similar to choosing the players trained to hit home runs on a professional field.

Choose the best shingle to last during our Canadian winters or as a designer architectural shingle. You should always use a roofing company that has invested in training for their installers through a high-performance shingle manufacturer. Once their training is complete, the company is certified.



By nature, the thicker architectural shingle is sturdier than a three-tab shingle.

It will better withstand winter, wind, fire and storms and last longer. If you ask when a more expensive shingle is worth it, it is when you value a long-lasting shingle.

Is a dimensional shingle with a designer look the most important criterion to you?

It is commonly known as an architectural, composite or laminated shingle because it is manufactured with a visual dimension, unlike a flat three-tab shingle. A dimensional shingle is approximately 50% heavier than a three-tab, has more adhesives, and has a thick base matte to hold it all in place. It can be manufactured to resemble other roofs, slate or cedar shakes.

A more extended warranty is automatically added to this quality of the shingle.


Are expensive shingles worth it? Yes, and increase the life of your roof by purchasing a lifetime warranty.

Is increasing the life of your shingles your priority?

An extended warranty is an option that undoubtedly influences the value of your roof but also means less worry and longer replacement time. If you buy into several manufacturer products, they will usually reward you with a limited lifetime warranty.

Lifetime warranties go with high-performance shingles by trusted manufacturers.

Most warranties are limited lifetime or pro-rated: This means that after a specific time, the shingles are replaced at their depreciated value (for example, their worth at that number of years later)


Bonus– a privileged roof for discerning home-buyers; if you are shrewdly replacing your roof to add value to the sale of your home, it translates as less upkeep and money for a potential buyer.



Even an economical shingle has its moment in the sun. The inexpensive shingle will be thinner and a three-tab version.

If cost is your highest concern, you don’t need to settle for a substandard product.

Many of the best shingle manufacturers use their knowledge to create less expensive shingles with certain quality aspects.

Asphalt, fibreglass, granules and adhesive are the components of all shingles.


Call Forest City Roofing at (519) 659 6937 to discuss roof warranties or help you determine which shingle will suit your needs. We have samples on hand to help you visualize your options. See our Portfolio here.

June 21, 2021

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