Do You Need to Replace a Roof Before You Sell?

What if you need to replace a roof on the home you’re selling in London, Ontario? Often roofs are the last thing a seller wants to pay for. However, you might be surprised to know that the more renovated the structure/bones of a house or building is, the quicker it will sell. Do you really need to repair your 17-year-old roof before selling it? Is a buyer deterred from buying a house with a roof they’ll need to replace? 

The driving factor is the grade of shingle you use to replace a roof.


When selling your house, you will benefit the most by replacing a roof that looks obviously old or damaged. 


Selling a home is a significant undertaking that can make you a lot of money.

Any buyer will reduce the amount they will pay for a house that requires work, especially for a place that needs work on its bones, the structure that holds it together. They include windows, doors, a roof, and the home’s foundation. The costs of renovations can quickly grow, given the unknowns involved. 


According to the Remax blog, “Renovations that save a homeowner money, in the long run, will draw a higher Return on Investment (ROI), around 75%, depending on the scale of the renovation.”


What should you consider when deciding if you should replace a roof on a house you’re selling?


Is it incumbent that the seller pays for a new roof?

The seller can pay for the roof replacement and raise the property’s value, or lower the asking price, undertake no work, but lose attracting potential buyers by burdening them with the work. It comes down to whether the seller wants to present the house in a state of negotiation, requiring the real estate agent to sell a failing roof.


What buyer is the house sale attracting?

A buyer who responds to high-end finishes will look at a bargain shingle, knowing it does not fit the look of the rest of the house and will factor in the cost to tear it out and replace it.


It is helpful to be proactive and hire a home inspector or a trusted roofing contractor like Forest City Roofing to know the actual state of the roof before selling the house.

If the seller is unsure how much active life the roof has left, they must find out. The sale of a house requires information to be truthful and on point. Buyers value a seller that knows about the home they are considering buying.


The Real Estate Council of Ontario says that a seller legally must disclose patent (visible) and latent (not apparent or discoverable by a home inspector) defects of the house. 

You do not have to legally replace your home’s old, unsafe, or faulty roofing, but you must disclose its condition. If you choose to replace your roof, please see the roofing portfolio of Forest City Roofing and contact us below. 


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January 5, 2022

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