Qualities of a Good Roofing Company 

A good roofing company listens attentively, presents a licence and insurance, has excellent online reviews, has been in business for several years, provides a roofing estimate and contract, and has certification from at least one shingle manufacturer’s installation course.


Knowing when to replace a roof can save a homeowner the repair costs of that failing roof.

Further problems, such as water or wind damage, product replacement, and attic moisture, will likely occur. A roof replacement is a considerable expense, so you must do your due diligence in finding a roofing contractor that will provide a professional installation and excellent customer service.


The following are must-haves of a great roofing company:


1. A roofing contractor that listens to your concerns and over-shares their process

is exactly what you want a roofing company owner or representative to do. Homeowners cannot easily see what’s happening on their roof, so the more an owner can talk about important aspects to them, the more you can determine their authenticity and feel confident you’ve made the right choice


2. In Ontario, a roofing business must have an up-to-date licence and liability insurance

(otherwise, your house insurance will have to cover the monetary loss of damage to your property) 

You can look up the business licence of any company on the Ontario Business Registry Website. Start by clicking “Access Registry” from the list, and look up the company’s licence number. (Some companies have changed their names from the initial licence, so a reputable roofing contractor will have paperwork to show they carry workers’ compensation insurance for the benefit of their workers if an accident occurs. 

At the same time, you should ask whether the roofers use harnesses to protect them while working. A roofing contractor dedicated to safety also shows concern for their clients. 

Check whether a building permit is required before the work begins.


3. A roofing company with active reviews

on its online business search page is the easiest way to determine the quality of its work. It will also have a list of physical addresses of recently completed jobs for you to visit. Always check their business status on your area’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.


4. A considerable number of years of experience

shows the company has followed the rules of properly conducting a business, leading to its becoming long-lived and successful. This is important for product and company warranties; you want to make sure you’ve chosen a roofing contractor that will be around for any future concerns. Using a locally owned business makes contacts easy.


5. An estimate and contract

should always be part of your interaction with a good roofing company. Your requests should always be written into the estimate and contract to save any headaches and arguments.

An estimate and contract should provide details of manufacturer products, labour costs, waste removal fees, and other expenses.

Read How to Compare Roofing Estimates.


6. Certification for proper installation of product-specific shingles

through a manufacturer’s training courses, the company supports their team and holds the value of education in high regard.

Read What Are Certified Roofers?


Winter is quick to expose a roof’s inadequacies that will not be obvious during summer. 

If you’ve purchased a new home and haven’t inspected your roof thoroughly, call us for a walk-around to look at eavestroughs and roof air circulation through venting. We can help you understand the importance of venting to maintain a healthy roof. Or read:


Forest City Roofing has provided professional roof installations and repairs to London, Ontario and area homeowners since 1993. We are always happy to troubleshoot any concerns you may have.



June 29, 2022

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