6 Things About Your Roof Before Selling a Home

Before selling a home, consider a roof replacement if the roof is visibly in rough shape. Imagine yourself as a new home buyer; would your first impressions of a potential house matter to you? A quality roof installation helps sell a house; a poor-quality roof deters potential buyers and makes them wonder where else corners were cut. Selling a home is an adventure in speculation, and you’ll likely hear arguments on both sides about replacing anything before selling a home. But a few rules are always valid when selling a home. Here are the top 6:

Before selling a home, here are 6 things to consider when deciding whether to replace your roof:

1. Know that first impressions do matter before selling a home.

Although the advice you’re reading here comes from a roofing company, Forest City Roofing in London, ON, knows that a home with a quality roof looks like one that is well taken care of and is more often visited and remembered by potential buyers. 

If you cannot afford a suitable quality roof replacement, it is always better to let potential buyers take your discount and install their own roof.

You must supply the buyers with the roof warranty and proof of age through the original bill. Knowing that the roof will need replacement sooner due to poor quality is a deterrent.

2. Before selling a home, the state of an existing roof makes a difference.

Honesty is always the best policy. Let potential buyers know the roof’s state to allow their fair judgment. Ask for an assessment of your roof by a trusted roofing company; they will tell you how much life is left and which components should be replaced. 

Ask your roofer to take photos of what they see to have a visual record you can pass on to the realtor and their clients.


3. The current housing market will affect whether replacements are crucial. 

You should consider the housing market. 2021 saw extreme selling prices and quick turnovers, which at the beginning of 2022 turned into a housing market crash that required more enticements to encourage buyers. 2023 led to higher housing prices which may mean less need to impress buyers.


4. The location of your neighbourhood opens the door to quality renovations.

Buyers will be willing to spend more to live in a desirable area. A roof replacement will increase the value of your home. Read more about Forest City Roofing Services.



We install skylights and siding too. Would you like us to visit your home to provide an estimate for one of our services? Contact us online or call us today at (519) 659 6937. 



5. The price of a new roof versus a comparable discount to the buyer may make more sense.

You should allow yourself enough time to address the things that need to be replaced or renovated, like the roof, windows, electrical wiring, or plumbing. Overall, these professionally completed structural replacements hold more value for a home buyer than a kitchen or bathroom update in a style the homeowner dislikes. 

The cost of these updates varies depending on the scope of the work and size of your home, so get an expert as soon as possible; delays are common with today’s limited workforce.


6. Before selling a home, consider a buyer’s desire to make the most intelligent decision.

The quality of the renovation matters very much to buyers. A poorly done, cheap replacement remains a pressure point until they can rectify it, and they will never forget it needs to be changed. 

We feel smart when we make financially astute decisions; likewise, we feel bad about ourselves when we make poor choices. 

Buyers will reward a seller who has undertaken quality repairs on the house before selling it.

Are you looking for a professional roofing contractor? Read our article, Qualities of a Good Roofing Company.


Contact us with any questions about your existing roof. We’ve been providing quality roof replacements in the London area since 1993.


September 30, 2022

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