How Many Days To Replace a Roof?

Most of the time involved to replace a roof is deciding the kind of shingle you want and which roofing contractor you’ll use. Generally, a roof replacement takes 2 to 3 days. However, a few things will affect your roof installation timeline.


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Considerations that add time (and money) to your roof replacement:

1) The type of shingle

We offer several styles of shingles, depending on your design aesthetic, budget, and length of shingle life / energy-efficiency required: economical roofing or lifetime roofing.  Each type of shingle must strictly follow a manufacturer’s installation method, which may add some time to the installation. 

Not sure which shingle is best for your project? Not a problem; our caring staff will help you decide which product best suits your design and budget. Contact us online or call us at (519) 659 6937.

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2) The size and details of your house roof style

If your roof is simple in style, it will take much less time than an intricately designed roof with many planes and shapes and will definitely save you money.



3) The pitch of your roof

We must always put safety first; a steeply pitched roof takes longer. Extra precautions are put in place for the shingle removal, any repairs, the hoisting and temporary storage of materials, and the replacement process. 

What is Roof Pitch and Why is it Important?



4) The amount of structural damage

We can tell from the age of your roof or lack of venting whether or not damage to the plywood underlay is likely, so we can give you a range of the work that may be involved. However, we don’t know the full extent of the work until we take off the shingles.




5) Accessibility to your roof

Not only does the pitch of your roof affect the amount of time it takes to complete a roof installation, but if it’s difficult to access it may mean equipment and supplies will take longer to lift to various roof planes. 

Your house may be very close to your neighbour, making ladder placement difficult, or it could be that the easiest roof access is through the bushes and down a tight path at the back of your house.



6) The age of your home

Simply put, the older your home, the more likely it is that more repairs and product replacements will occur. For instance, older caulking made differently than our longer-lived modern caulking will dry out and lift, giving access to rain around any flashings, contributing to the rot of organic material beneath.



7) The weather

We are a hardy bunch; however, the weather can create safety issues that we and all roofing contractors will avoid to provide safe working conditions for our workers.


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See Forest City Roofing’s portfolio of just some of our roof installations here.



November 30, 2022

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