Replacing Just Part of a Roof

Replacing just part of a roof would be an ideal, cost-effective solution for many homeowners, but it is never recommended. As a homeowner, replacing your roof can be a significant investment, but the value of replacing one roof plane at a time comes with many downsides.


Before deciding, understand the pros and cons of replacing just partial shingles.


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Pros of Replacing Just Part of Your Roof:

Cost Savings: One of the biggest perceived advantages of replacing just part of your roof is cost savings. Although replacing an entire roof can be a significant expense, having a crew onsite for multiple partial roof replacements over the years means you pay for their set-up and crew costs each time. A partial roof replacement entails marrying two roof planes, which is always risky and time-consuming, translating to money you must spend.

Less Disruption: Replacing just part of your roof can seem less disruptive than replacing the entire roof. If you have a busy household or work schedule, replacing only part of the roof should be more convenient, but the truth is all of the same equipment must be brought to your home.

Replace a Damaged Section: If you have a relatively new roof that only has a few damaged or worn-out areas, replacing just those parts can restore the overall appearance of your roof without the need for a full replacement.


Cons of Replacing Just Part of Your Roof:

Mismatched Appearance: If your current roof is older, replacing just part of it can result in a mismatched appearance, which can be unsightly. Over time, the newer sections may also fade at a different rate than the older ones, leading to further aesthetic issues.

Inconsistent Performance: Partial roof replacement may result in inconsistent performance. The new sections will have different ages and conditions than the older ones, which can lead to varying levels of performance and durability.

Difficulty in Seamless Overlap of New Shingles Over Old: There is potential for mistakes and not quite perfectly married parts. Extra time must be spent, equating to more money, further reducing the benefits of a partial roof replacement.

Potential for Additional Damage: If your roof is damaged or worn in one area, there is a chance that other parts of the roof may be similarly damaged. If you only replace the damaged section, you may miss other problem areas that could cause further damage.


At Forest City Roofing, we understand that shingle replacement can be a significant investment, and we want to help you make the right decision for your home and budget. 

Here are some ways we can assist you:

Professional Inspection: Our team of experts can thoroughly inspect your roof to determine the extent of the damage and provide recommendations on whether a partial or full replacement is necessary.

Customized Solutions: We offer customized solutions tailored to your needs and budget. We will work with you to find the best solution for your home.

High-Quality Materials: At Forest City Roofing, we only use the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity and durability of your roof. 

Professional Installation: Our team of experts has years of experience installing roofs of all types and sizes. We ensure that your roof replacement is done with professionalism and expertise.


Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and let us help you make the right decision for your home.



May 29, 2023

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