What Are The Different Types of Drain Spouts?

What are some types of drain spouts, downspouts or gutter downspouts? Drain spouts are vertical components of a building’s rainwater drainage. Several options are available, although some may require a bit of hunting to obtain.


Traditional drain spout options, materials, sizes, and shapes: 


Eavestroughs and drain spouts or downspouts are components of a building’s rainwater drainage system. 




Gutter guards are crucial to today’s busy lifestyle.


Contemporary types of drain spouts:

Pop-up emitters:

Internally located drain spouts:


Decorative types of drain spouts:

Rain chains:

Rain barrels:



How many drain spouts are needed to ensure proper rainwater drainage?

We suggest every 25-40′ of eavestrough should introduce a drain spout.

Have you noticed your eavestroughs spilling over with rainwater during a heavy rainfall?


Drain spouts, eavestroughs, soffits, and fascia are crucial aspects of your home’s structural system. Together, they protect your home (and your investment). Be aware of their serviceability.

Forest City Roofing installs your roof’s drainage system and can advise whether your home needs more or larger drain spouts. 

If you live in London, ON or the surrounding area, call (519) 659 6937 or reach us online.


August 18, 2023

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