Forest City Roofing in London Ontario provides quality, dependable roofing services for residential clients. Since 1993 we have proudly served our community with the best products and services we can to ensure your home looks great and is protected from our tough Southwestern Ontario seasons. Our roofing products are available in a wide range of design options and price to suit any of your needs!

How often should a roof be replaced? How often should a roof be replaced?

Your home's roof is more than just a protective shield against the elements; it's crucial to your home's structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Understanding when to replace your roof and the importance of professional assistance is vital for every homeowner. In this article, we'll explore the various aspects of roof replacement, emphasizing the benefits and positive…

What are the advantages of skylights? What are the advantages of skylights?

Skylights have become a coveted feature in contemporary architecture, enchanting homeowners with their unique functionality and aesthetic appeal. As we delve into the myriad advantages of skylights, it's imperative to underscore the critical role of professional installation and consultation. The expertise of skilled technicians ensures optimal performance and guarantees safety and durability. Natural Lighting One of…

What is the Life Expectancy of a 3-Tab Shingle? What is the Life Expectancy of a 3-Tab Shingle?

In roofing materials, 3-tab shingles are affordable and popular among homeowners. Understanding their life expectancy is crucial for effective home maintenance and budgeting. This article delves into the lifespan of 3-tab shingles, a vital component for anyone looking to invest in or maintain their home's roofing. Overview of 3-Tab Shingles 3-tab shingles, named for their cutouts…

What Time of Year is Best to Replace a Roof? What Time of Year is Best to Replace a Roof?

Replacing your roof is a significant home improvement project requiring careful planning and consideration. The timing of the replacement can impact both the quality of the job and the cost involved. Each season brings its own set of challenges and advantages when it comes to roofing projects. This article explores the best times of year to…

Do VELUX sun tunnels leak? Do VELUX sun tunnels leak?

When considering ways to enhance the natural light in a space, many homeowners and builders turn to sun tunnels. Among the brands available, VELUX sun tunnels stand out as a preferred option, promising both quality and innovation. While potential customers often express concerns about leaks, a common issue with skylights and sun tunnels, this article aims…

Are skylights ever a good idea? Are skylights ever a good idea?

When introducing natural light into our homes or workplaces, skylights are often a feature that can spark considerable debate. Yet, despite differing opinions, the benefits they offer are undeniable. Skylights not only enhance the infusion of daylight but also contribute significantly to the aesthetic, environmental, and economic value of a building. This article explores the multifaceted…

What roof has the longest lifespan? What roof has the longest lifespan?

When it comes to home improvements, the longevity of installations is often at the forefront of homeowners' concerns. This is particularly true for roofing, which provides shelter and significantly impacts a home's overall value and appearance. With various roofing materials available, the burning question is: which roof has the most extended lifespan? Factors Influencing Roof Lifespan…

When should I replace my roof? When should I replace my roof?

Every homeowner knows the vital role a roof plays in their residence's protection and aesthetic appeal. A solid and well-maintained roof shields the household from harsh weather ensures proper insulation, and considerably enhances the home's curb appeal. Conversely, delaying roof replacement can lead to significant damage and costly repairs. But how do you know when it's…

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