Forest City Roofing in London Ontario provides quality, dependable roofing services for residential clients. Since 1993 we have proudly served our community with the best products and services we can to ensure your home looks great and is protected from our tough Southwestern Ontario seasons. Our roofing products are available in a wide range of design options and price to suit any of your needs!


Grayne Shingle Siding

Grayne’s 7.5″ Red Cedar Shingle and the 5″ Shingle offer the charm of natural cedar with none of the maintenance.

The shingle’s graining patterns create natural depth and shadows for a striking on-house appearance. Grayne’s sharp, crisp edges and dual offset installation provide the most authentic look possible, from up close and from the curb. Its absolute color technology recreates the color differentiation found only in natural cedar shingles. It’s the perfect high-end, low-maintenance solution for any homeowner.

Natural cedar is beautiful. With Grayne Engineered Composite Shingle, you get the same beauty with none of the maintenance. Grayne was designed to keep its shape over time, and is easy to clean and maintain. It will look as spectacular as the day it was installed.


House with Woodgrain Series 2000 Aluminum Siding on

Grayne Shingle Siding

As Real As It Gets

Foundry is excited to offer Grayne Shingle Siding, a line of siding that is the choice of discerning builders looking for a custom cedar appearance. You’ll get the same fast delivery through one-step distribution with no minimum orders.

Foundry’s Grayne Shingle Siding perfectly replicates the look of cedar with its undeniable curb appeal and true-to-life, weathered color selection. It features a realistic wood grain that you have to see and touch for yourself to truly appreciate. Grayne Shingle Siding offers more than exceptional curb appeal – it’s also easy to install with minimal waste and little maintenance.

  • Grayne offers moisture-resistant cellular PVC products to create attention grabbing features that have outstanding performance against nature.
  • Won’t splinter, rot, delaminate or swell
  • Two popular profiles – 5″Shake and Shingle and 7.5″ Red Cedar Shingle
  • Wide variety of warm and welcoming cedar colours

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