Why Choose Us

1.   Honesty

We’ll be honest with you. If you need a new roof, we will say so. We'll also tell you if you only need a repair.

2.   Warranty

Your roof is just as important to us in its tenth year as it is in its first. We have a track record with our clients to prove it.

3.   Local Business

Our company has been operating since 1993, is London based, family owned and involved in the community as well as local charities.

4.   Dependability

We have been helping homeowners with advise and exterior renovations like installing roofs, windows and doors, siding, soffit, fascia and eavestrough in the London area since 1993. People have come to know us as THE roofing company to call for problem free installations.

5.   Peace of Mind

Many people have been stung by 'fly by night' roofing operations. These operators stay around long enough to cause a lot of damage to customers and their pocketbooks. You'll experience peace of mind in dealing with a reputable, well-respected firm. You can also take comfort in knowing that our liability insurance and WSIB coverage protects you fully from any and all claims.

6.   Quality Workmanship

You can use the best products available but a roof is only as good as the trades person installing it. Our installers are some of the best around. They make us —and your roof look great! The installers that Ralph Citro has trained over the years still work with us today, which is rare in the roofing industry.

7.   Trust

Our business is based on your trust in us! We work harder than anyone else to keep it.

8.   Competitive

Our pricing will not be the cheapest but we promise to you will be happy with the value we provide for years to come.